The question on many soon-to-be mom’s minds, but also the question that is often pushed until it is too late: “When should I book a maternity session?”

Elk River, MN Outdoor Maternity Pictures

As a mom of two busy boys, and pregnant with our little girl, I am the definition of “Mom Brain.” If I do not write it down, or take care of it right now, I will not remember to do it. Been there? It’s a physiological response in our bodies to make sure that any and all extra energy goes toward growing and providing for that little bundle inside, instead of wasting energy on non-essential tasks.

That doesn’t mean that working, grocery shopping, and running to soccer are not essential parts of your life, it just means that we have a little extra work to do if we want to remember everything on that grocery list. This is why it is important to book your maternity session as soon as you can. Even though you may not have told everyone yet or being showing very much (I envy you people), maternity sessions are limited and should be booked in a specific period of your pregnancy. That magic time is typically between 30 and 34 weeks gestation. Why 30-34 weeks?

Reason number 1: we want to show off that adorable baby bump!! Many women are blessed with a long torso and do not pop until the third trimester. I am not one of those women, I show as soon as the home tests say positive, but this is also because I am pregnant with my third child. It is extremely common to show sooner with additional pregnancies.

Reason number 2: as you progress further into the last trimester, many things get uncomfortable. Walking, sitting, bending, chasing your other children; it is all much more difficult the further along you are.

Lastly, reason number 3: some babies like to make unexpected early arrivals and other babies are scheduled to arrive weeks early for medically necessary reasons. Scheduling before week 34 will make it much more likely that you have your maternity session and that your final images are delivered before baby arrives. Pregnancy is amazing and your maternity session images will be cherished forever, but once baby arrives, it will difficult to focus on choosing your maternity images and deciding what to make into wall art and customs albums. This is why we schedule as close to week 30 as possible. I want you to be able to enjoy your maternity images and then focus on those baby snuggles when he or she arrives.

I know how easy it is to forget to book your session and then the opportunity is gone. This happened to me with my own boys and I cannot get that time back for images. That is why I encourage you to set up your maternity session as soon as possible. You can change your date later if needed, but booking now will guarantee you a session during that sweet spot of pregnancy.

Elk River, MN Outdoor Maternity Pictures

Pregnancy is hard work and deserves to be remembered. Although you may feel bloated and tired, and not want to be in photographs, I promise you will not regret it! Sharing those images with your children will be so special for you and for them. They may even share them with your grandchildren!

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When should I Book a Maternity Session?

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